Eugenia Moreno


CORE Consulting Co-Worker

She started her professional career in the fashion sector where she started to be part of the Inditex group. First, she started as a shop assistant where she standed out by her interest in textile and products. She formed part of the training department for four years, training new shop assistants and managers.

She arrived at television sector feeling that she had left behind being proud about having left a career and a company that still nowadays she feels like she belongs to.

With 10 years of experience, she works as an Artistic Media coordinator in IB3, clothing and advising all channel presenters. Her work implies to work together with all the make-up and hairdressers team. Moreover, she is continuously working together with managers and store managers who provide the Company with the clothes the television channel is going to use.

At the present, she is also working together with the Wednesdays IB3 programme section commenting on fashion tendencies. The most notable thing from her position is the importance of image to success in professional and personal fields. She thinks that feeling good about oneself provides the one with happiness and safety. This image perspective has always had a strong presence in her trainings such as Personal Branding training, back of the wardrobe training, image training for ONCE and personnel mentorships.

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