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What do our clients think about Core

  • “Totally satisfied with the course, the method, the professionals and the facilities. I would totally recommend it!”

    “Very gratifying being able to analyse myself as a person and as a professional, learning new techniques to develop my work as a manager and learning how to communicate with others”

    “It’s a course that makes you think twice before you make a decision both in your personal and professional life”

    Participants of Training “Relational Management” ROIG
  • “The professionalism and preparation of the course have had such an impact on me that I am very interested in going deeper in this matter.”

    “An afternoon full of good vibrations!”

    “Do you know your brand? CORE helps you to find it.

    Dynamic, amusing, useful, sensitive, assertive… Suitable for all publics!

    Participants of
    Training "Empoyer your personal brand"
    RIU Hotels and Resorts
  • “From the course I take lot of positivism, learning and motivation for improvement.”

    “A great way to learn while having fun”

    “This course discovers new aspects or confirm some aspects that you already know.

    It gives you a wider vision of your environment. It is very useful.

    of the training "Leadership"
  • Thank you very much for your services and your cordiality. It’s been a pleasure to count on your collaboration and you efficiency in a moment when we needed to find good solutions
    Sebastián Pons
    Veterinary clinic Los Tilos
  • I have counted on CORE consulting in several occasions. Monica and Lidia have proved me that they are totally able to understand the vision and approach in where the company needs to work deeper and create its team. That is the reason why the results have always been optimal and easy to be applied by our team.
    Gonzalo Medel Sastre
    Dental Manager
  • The work developed by CORE has been excellent. It is difficult that all the assistants to give the same opinion, but in our case it was like this. The whole team commented the excellent handling and the professionalism in the training. The course was constructive and at a time enjoyable.
    Laura Robles Martínez
    Safety, Security & Compliance Manager CE South
    Menzies Aviation
  • I strongly appreciate the collaboration maintained between COPIB and CORE and their professionalism.
    Javier Torres
  • I have hired different training courses to CORE consulting among them, some related to Leadership and Motivation. All this courses have been successful among the Managerial team. Strongly recommendable.
    Jesús Avilés
    RRHH Director
    Hotel Galatzó
  • Working with CORE has been a great decision. Not only we have counted with the information and the required knowledge, but also the training given to us has helped us in putting it into practice, improving the weakest points of each participant in order to take advantage from the course.
    Maru Maroto
    Menzies Aviation
  • CORE consulting is not another company in the market, CORE’s team work closely to their client to understand their needs and in order to be able to design the project customized to the specific client. They are able to question all those aspects that the client does not understand in order to reach the expected results. They are experienced in working together with companies and they understand very well what are the client’s needs and the obstacles they may found on the way to reach their objectives. They always work with a smile in their faces and vocational service what I personally appreciate.
    Marian Mesquida
    People & Development Manager - RRHH
    Castillo Hotel Son Vida
  • As a RRHH director from TIRME it’s been a pleasure to have your aid within our company. This has help us to develop specific skills and appreciate objectives from different, varied and fresh points of view. Your work has clarified some very important points of view of our strategic plannification. In a near future, we would love to count on your support and collaboration again. It’s been a pleasure.
    Susana Deyá Gómez
  • BonGroup decided to work together with CORE Consulting to develop a course for efficiently management of managers’ time. We could ensure Monica’s Gomez commitment what lead us to a great development of the course adapting it to our real needs in terms of real needs, time, shape and contents. We are very satisfied about how it was developed and the posterior results from it.
    Jaume Rul·lan
    General Director
  • I think your service perfectly met our expectations. Moreover, in an accelerated world where it seems that there is no place like your activity, we found very valuable to find a space for reflection leaded by you.
    Marc Carrera
    Barcelona Offices Director
    Sagardoy Lawyers
  • When one talks about CORE, one is talking about excellent professionals that magnificently combine HR practices and strategies for solving daily company matters.
    Juan Iglesias
    Manager Director
    Municipal Transport Company
  • The experience has been great, you have been able to perfectly deal with the idea the manager had expected and informed. This idea has been transformed in more than a course since it has been similar to the daily feedback from the personnel to end up with brainstorming of suggestions to improve our loyalty and patient’s attention. Personnel were very satisfied from their participation.
    Juan Pons
    RRHH Director
    Grupo Palmaplanas
  • Thanks to this course I feel more confident. Without any doubt there is going to be a significant change in both professional and personal fields between the previous moment, before assisting to the course, and the later situation after attending to it.
    Silvia González
    Responsible for Managers 
    CAMPER Madrid
  • Monica and her team at CORE developed and adapted at speed solution for the regional Camper retail team. While working in both Spanish and English simultaneously, they delivered over a three-day period, a high quality in-depth training programme that assisted in moving the retail operation forward.
    Jonathan Clamp
    Retail Director
  • It’s been a pleasure to count on CORE’s commitment and good work of its team. CORE’s consultancy, coaching and training services have meant a great contribution for the consolidation of a new organisation that allow us to reach our strategic objectives.
    Sebastián Xamena
    General Director
  • Working with CORE consulting has given us a new perspective of working with consultancies. Their wide experience in managerial positions, provides Barceló with a wide vision of what we can achieve while working together with CORE consulting. The enthusiasm, attitude, effort and energy that Lidia and Monica give to each and one of the projects we have worked together, have encouraged us for keep working together
    Ana Domínguez
    Training and development director
    Barceló Hoteles
  • Contents and formative action taken in INDITEX were designed and imparted in an impeccable way. Contents were perfectly adapted to our needs and our personnel`s goals.
    Rita García Villaciegos
    CSF Director
    INDITEX Madrid

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